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Field Notes:
Monongahela and Youghiogheny River Crossings, Allegheny County, PA

While compiling information for the river crossings, this was a work-in-progress document. See Tours existing and removed bridges over the rivers in Allegheny County.


*Point 1; trussed eyebar suspension; 1877

*Point 2; cantilever suspension, through arch; 1927

view page - Fort Pitt; bowstring suspension arch; 1959

*Wabash RR; cantilever through truss, curved upper chord; 1904

*Monongahela; Wernwag covered (Smithfield St); 1818

*Monongahela; Roebling suspension (Smithfield St); 1846

view page - Smithfield St; Lindenthal lenticular truss; 1881

*Panhandle RR 1; PCCStL RR; Pratt through truss and deck trusses; 1865

view page - Panhandle RR 2; PRR; Parker/Pratt through truss and deck trusses; 1903

view page - Liberty; deck spandrel-braced arch; 1928

*Birmingham and Pittsburgh; covered (McKee St, now South 10th St); 1861

*South 10th St; through truss; 1875(?)

view page - South 10th St; suspension; 1931

*[Lock1 - Birmingham - removed]

view page - Birmingham; bowstring suspension arch; 1977

*South 22nd St (Brady St); cantilever through truss; 1896

view page - Monongahela Connecting RR; Parker through truss and deck trusses, 1887, renovated for motor vehicles 1999-2000

view page - J&L Hot Metal RR; Parker through truss and deck trusses; 1887, renovated for pedestrians and bicycles 2000?

*Glenwood 1; pin-connected Pennsylvania truss (Pgh Railways); 1894

view page - Glenwood 2; cantilever through truss; 1966

view page - B&O RR Wheeling Division, Glenwood; Parker/Pratt through truss and deck girders; 1884, upgraded 1915

view page - Homestead High Level; Wichert deck truss; 1936

view page - *Brown's (Homestead) (between Ann St and Amity St); five camelback through truss spans; 1897

view page - P&LE RR, Munhall; three deck trusses, two Pratt through truss side spans, one Parker/Pratt through truss main span; 1883, upgraded pre-1902

view page - Union RR Carrie Furnace Hot Metal, Rankin; one Pennsylvania/Petit through truss, one Pratt through truss, and deck girder trestle; 1901

view page - *Rankin highway and street railway bridge (West Braddock bridge); through trusses; 1897 (shown at top of drawing)

view page - George Rankin Jr. highway bridge; cantilever, spandrel-braced deck truss; 1951

[Lock 2 - Braddock]

view page - Union RR Hot Metal, Port Perry; Pennsylvania/Petit through truss and deck trusses; 1898

*PRR, Port Perry; through truss and deck trusses?; 1874

view page - PRR, Port Perry; Parker/Pratt through truss and deck trusses; 1902-03

view page - *Duquesne Bridge [McKeesport-Duquesne highway bridge]; four Pratt through trusses and pony girder spans; 1891

view page - McKeesport-Duquesne highway bridge; Parker/Pratt and Pratt through trusses; 1927

view page - McKeesport Connecting RR [URR]; Parker/Pratt through truss and deck trusses; 1890

view page - *Dravosburg Bridge (Dravosburg-Reynoldton {McKeesport} [McClure St - John St]); three Parker/Pratt through truss spans and two deck spans at south approach; 1891

view page - W. D. Mansfield (Dravosburg-McKeesport); cantilever through truss and deck girders; 1945

*Blair Station (Clairton)-Glassport; c1902

view page - *Clairton-Glassport; cantilever, spandrel-braced deck arch; 1928

view page - Clairton-Glassport; deck girder on heightened old piers; 1987

view page - Union RR at Clairton; Parker through truss, deck and pony girders; c.1893, upgraded 1903?

view page - *Elizabeth, Plum St (Elizabeth-West Elizabeth); three camelback Pratt through truss spans; 1893

view page - Regis R. Malady (Elizabeth-West Elizabeth); cantilever suspension, trussed arch; 1951

[Lock 3 - Elizabeth]

*Williamsport Bridge (Parkinson's Ferry; Pigeon Creek, Monongahela); 1836
burned and rebuilt 1884

view page - *Monongahela City, downstream from Pigeon Creek; camelback through truss spans; pre-1902

view page - Monongahela City (PA 136), upstream from Pigeon Creek; deck girder; 1988


*McKeesport-Reynoldton [Atlantic Av-Third Av, McKeesport]; suspension - truss deck; 1884-c.1960

*Belle Vernon Jct Bridge, P&LE RR, McKeesport [McKeesport and Belle Vernon RR, PMcKY RR]; three Pratt through truss spans and one Pratt deck truss span at south; pre-1893-c.1970

P&LE RR (CSX), McKeesport; Warren through truss and deck girders; c.1970

*Jerome St, McKeesport; (warren truss 1903?)

Jerome Av (George Lysle Av), McKeesport; bowstring trussed arch; 1937-39

*Port View Bridge (13th Av?), McKeesport-Port Vue; Pratt through truss with inclined plane truss on hillside at Port Vue; 1892

*15th Av 1, McKeesport-PortVue; through truss; 1906 [1908]-1993

15th Av, McKeesport-PortVue; deck girder; 1993

[Lock # - Port Vue? removed]

P&LE/B&O RR near Versailles (Liberty Boro-McKeesport; deck girder; 1970

*Boston (Versailles-Boston/Elizabeth Twp); truss; 1893

Boston (Versailles-Boston/Elizabeth Twp); cantilever; through truss; 1931

*Sutersville (Sutersville-Elizabeth Twp); through truss?

Sutersville (Sutersville-Elizabeth Twp); welded beam; 1986

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Additional Info: Jason Togyer, McKeesport Model Railroad Club; Penn State University "Inventory of the PA Bridges Collection, 1884-1915"; T. M. Fowler and Otto Craig, Aerial Maps 1897-1902, Library of Congress; Walter S. Abbott and William E. Harrison, "First one hundred years of McKeesport", Centennial Historical Committee, 1894; White and von Bernewitz "Bridges of Pittsburgh"